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Apex University is a source of great pride for Apex. Apex has a long history of providing quality educational services including classes, workshops, seminars, demonstrations, training and instruction for its customers, team members and their families, our communities, vendors, associates and partners. The Apex educational programs are one of the ways in which Apex gives back to its customers, team members, their families and the communities in which we live and work.


To formalize and further expand our long standing Apex Education programs, Apex formed Apex University in the early 1990s. Apex University or Apex U is now the umbrella organization for all of Apex’s educational, demonstration and training programs. Apex has always provided a wide variety of courses, demonstrations  and programs over the years ranging from product demonstrations and cooking, safety, health, personal growth and environmental courses to business, investing, computers and financial planning. Apex prides itself on its educational initiatives. These programs have helped numerous individuals including our customers, employees, their families, the communities in which we live as well as our vendors, associates and partners to enhance their lives through education and the opportunity to further their understanding of the world in which we live and work.      


For further information or to discuss our Apex University course syllabus for the current year, please contact our human resources team.





Apex University Course Bulletin


· You and your health care seminars scheduled for January, 2013.

· Join our personal trainer for strength training tips, aerobic workouts and more! Weekly beginning in April, 2013.

· Sign up now for art classes being held at Apex Studios.

· Please sign up now for our series of automotive classes starting again in March 2013.

· The financial planning series will start again in mid April and run through July 2013.

· Dates for our annual health and wellness clinics will be available in February.

·  We thank everyone once again for our successful flu clinics this past fall and will be posting in various locations, the H1N1 clinics as they become available. We will also be running additional seasonal flu clinics as more vaccine becomes available! Stay tuned.

· Personal Security and Self Defense classes will be offered starting June 17, 2013.

· Back by popular demand! Wine Making and what not to do when running a Vineyard—this 3 part series will be offered again this summer starting in August 2013 in conjunction with our wine tasting seminars and blending class.

· Renovating your home on a budget!  This class begins February 12th 2013.

· Start the New Year off right—Dieting and weight loss and how to stay healthy—January 30th.

· Simple, quick & healthy recipes to feed your family in these hectic times.  This class begins just in time for back to school - August 26, 2013.

· Apex Green - Join us on Earth Day to learn how you can do your part to help the environment!  April 22, 2013.

· Landscape like a pro!  June 2013.



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